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Hat Store Window


Thanks to my invisibility cloak, I’m enjoying the darkness. You know me, if I could, I’d dance the night away. In fact, because I’m no longer afraid of the devil’s cartoons, I’m planning a trip to the real Disneyland. In merely three short weeks, anyone on the internet can learn to speak a new language. It’s a small world, after all. Just imagine your internal organs—of course, not your appendix, that useless little finger buried deep in your slippery belly. That’s much too ugly, although like extraterrestrial intelligence, there’s got to be a logical explanation. You probably think you know exactly where this is going. Appearances can be deceiving. In my opinion, your dainty head belongs in a hat store window, so come on in. Have a seat. Any seat. No, not that seat.

Appears in Action, Spectacle  Winter, 2023


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