A Complete List of Publications

  “Late” appears in Hidden Peak May, 2022 . “At the Crossing” is in South Florida Poetry Journal, No. 25.  May, 2022.  “Change the Locks” and “Could [...]

“Apostate” in New York Quarterly

  I’m proportionally accurate. I don’t care if God has a plan. It’s for aesthetic effect. Since the sky had its roof blown off, nobody knows what to make of my dreams. In absentia, I’m [...]

“Variety” in Fatal Flaw

  Variety Yesterday, it was beautiful money weather, so I went outside and gave a green crewcut to our charismatic lawn. I used the acoustic mower because its kinder to the invertebrates. [...]

“Climate or Weather?” in Cloudbank

” Climate or Weather? Today’s temperature will be noisy. I took it up with the subcommittee.  Oh, their tenderness.  You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’m sure sex won’t cure it. [...]

Recently Released

“Late” appears in Hidden Peak May, 2022 “Change the Locks” and “Could Always be Worse” appear in Miracle Monocle, Spring, 2022 “At the Crossing” is [...]

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