Book: Lucky Animals

  From Lucky Animals: There’s a Fix for That Do you prefer adding or subtracting?  Yeah, me too. Fortunately, I was raised by a circus family, so I got a head start. Some people think there [...]

Links to Brad’s Books

  Links to purchase Brad’s books: Lucky Animals No. Wait. I Can Explain. Momentary Turbulence de/tonations Pink X-Ray WordinEdgeWise (forthcoming)   Books also available at [...]

Forthcoming Titles

“Pointless,” and “Never Too Late” will appear in the July, 2024 issue of Magazine1. “Another Pirate Story” will be published by Heavy Feather Review in April, [...]

Read This or Else

All Out of Chevies   I’m feeling confident, although I’m not a professional quack. Not sure if these are tennis shoes or sneakers, but I’m keeping it real. I don’t have a passion, but I’m so [...]

Featured Poem/Story

  Good Luck, Mr. Goldilocks Like air conditioning in the winter, document shredding can be a beautiful thing. In fact, thanks to my autobiographical blood, all morning in the bathroom [...]

A Complete List of Publications

“Candle” appears in the March 2025 Issue of Dog Throat Journal.” Lonely Fun” is on page 15 of in Loud Coffee Press, Issue #16, February, 2024. “An Underappreciated Fact [...]

Book: No. Wait. I Can Explain.

  No. Wait. I Can Explain. More information and order here    “About Brad Rose I would say:  “I don’t know where he’s coming from–but the trains [...]

Praise for Brad’s Books

Praise for Lucky Animals In Lucky Animals Brad Rose shakes things up with his supple, wild, and wise prose poems.  No grass grows under one’s feet here, and yawns do not exist.  These wry and [...]

Ken Plans a Visit to Toys R’ Us

  Ken Plans a Visit to Toys R’ Us   Your long beautiful legs, candy kiss smile—almost too perfect. My million-dollar valentine, your ideas of perfection were far from flawless.  [...]

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