Book: No. Wait. I Can Explain.

  No. Wait. I Can Explain. More information and order here    “About Brad Rose I would say:  “I don’t know where he’s coming from–but the trains [...]

A Complete List of Publications

“Lucky Animals” is in Issue 81, Part 2 of streetcake, November, 2022.  In L=Y=R=A, November, 2022, appear three prose poems, “Dolls,” “In Case You’re [...]

Links to Brad’s Books

  Links to purchase Brad’s books: Momentary Turbulence de/tonations Pink X-Ray No. Wait. I Can Explain. WordinEdgeWise (forthcoming)   All books also available at Amazon.  

Forthcoming Titles

“Love’s Mystery’ will be published by Duality in 2023 “The Great Resignation” is forthcoming from MONO (UK) “Mindfulness and “Each and Every One” will appear [...]

“Apostate” in New York Quarterly

  I’m proportionally accurate. I don’t care if God has a plan. It’s for aesthetic effect. Since the sky had its roof blown off, nobody knows what to make of my dreams. In absentia, I’m [...]

“Variety” in Fatal Flaw

  Variety Yesterday, it was beautiful money weather, so I went outside and gave a green crewcut to our charismatic lawn. I used the acoustic mower because its kinder to the invertebrates. [...]

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