“Variety” in Fatal Flaw

  Variety Yesterday, it was beautiful money weather, so I went outside and gave a green crewcut to our charismatic lawn. I used the acoustic mower because its kinder to the invertebrates. [...]

“Climate or Weather?” in Cloudbank

” Climate or Weather? Today’s temperature will be noisy. I took it up with the subcommittee.  Oh, their tenderness.  You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’m sure sex won’t cure it. [...]

Recently Released

Collateral, a chapbook of brief prose poems, has been released by Right Hand Pointing/Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press in July, 2021 “Apostate” is in New York Quarterly, Vol 67, Issue 3. [...]

A Complete List of Publications

Collateral:  A chapbook of prose poems has been released by Right Hand Pointing/Ambidextrous Bloodhounds. “Electric Eels,” “Finishing School,” and “Teeth” [...]

Featured Poem/Story

      “Charred” and “Another Day at the Office” in Steam Ticket #24  “Long Black Car” and “About the Weather” appear in The American Journal of [...]

“A Real Catch” in Bending Genres

I’m wearing my lucky pants. Everybody at the post office knows me. Yesterday, when I walking to the liquor store, I noticed somebody peeping through the blinds. I’ve been trying to trick myself [...]

“Pets” in Into the Void

Science has shown that you shouldn’t name your livestock if, one day, you intend to eat them. I bend easily to temptation, especially when I’m landlocked by the energy fields. Normally, I do all [...]


Decluttering my personal pronouns. If I had my way, I’d hammer the water back into the pipes, too, but that would be an uphill battle. Fortunately, I’m sworn to secrecy, so I sleep on knives to [...]

“Windows” in streetcake

  Wednesday, on the way to the carwash, my car caught fire. And not the good kind, either. Sheila came running up to me and said, Everything is getting worse and worse. I told her the main [...]

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