Book: Lucky Animals

    Order Lucky Animals    From Lucky Animals: There’s a Fix for That Do you prefer adding or subtracting?  Yeah, me too. Fortunately, I was raised by a circus family, so I got a [...]

Book: No. Wait. I Can Explain.

  No. Wait. I Can Explain. More information and order here    “About Brad Rose I would say:  “I don’t know where he’s coming from–but the trains [...]

A Complete List of Publications

  “Loves Mystery” appears in Duality, 2023. “Lucky Animals” is in Issue 81, Part 2 of streetcake, November, 2022.  In L=Y=R=A, November, 2022, appear three prose [...]

Links to Brad’s Books

  Links to purchase Brad’s books: Momentary Turbulence de/tonations Pink X-Ray No. Wait. I Can Explain. WordinEdgeWise (forthcoming) Lucky Animals (forthcoming)   Books also [...]

Recently Released–Poems and Microfiction

“Australopithecus” and “The Eternal Quest to Build the Better Mousetrap” are in Unbroken No. 36, January, 2023 “Re: Company Meetings,” “It’ll be Great,”” Making Money in Today’s Market” and [...]

Featured Poem/Story — “Chatbot”

  Chatbot Thanks to those killer bees, I don’t know if I daydream too little, or nightmare too much. Of course, landfills are known to catch fire. Last night, like a baby, my clothes slept [...]

Forthcoming Titles

In April 2023, “Diamondback” will appear in Steam Ticket (Vol.26) “The Great Resignation” is forthcoming from MONO (UK) “Mindfulness” and “Each and Every One” [...]

“Apostate” in New York Quarterly

  I’m proportionally accurate. I don’t care if God has a plan. It’s for aesthetic effect. Since the sky had its roof blown off, nobody knows what to make of my dreams. In absentia, I’m [...]

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