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Triangular Cities

Spent the day writing negative online reviews of my favorite products. I’ve got to make at least a small contribution to solving the supply chain problem. Now that my skin fits just right and I have plenty of neural real estate, who cares if life is a dream we’re unable to remember while we’re asleep? Some days I’m so beautiful I want to borrow money from myself. Yesterday, as I was lunching on Chinese Swedish Meatballs and exploiting the loopholes in the latest lend-lease agreement, Maxine said, My body is an Aztec calendar, Ray.  By the time I get to the weekend, I’m too exhausted to have fun. Who couldn’t use a little more shut-eye? What if we are everything people say we are?  Will both houses of Congress vote for one another in hell? Weather scientists report that circular cities receive far more rain than square cities, while triangular cities receive almost no rain at all. Of course, no one looks more guilty than an innocent man behind bars. Nothing is as gone as water under a bridge.

Appears in Lucky Animals, 2023

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