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Poison Darts


I love the zoo. Especially the paper tigers and the ghost of a chance. It’s a big old world out there, isn’t it? Let’s fence it in. People tend to think I’m just a carpenter having his nails done, but I’m a real tough guy, see? Take that. And that. And that. By the way, what color is your pedicure? No, I never would have guessed Orange Evanescent Death Wish —not in 60 million years, Ms. Triceratops. What do you say we settle down and celebrate with some vintage air conditioning?  Lately, I’ve been multitasking faster than an overwrought octopus at a hyperactive windmill farm, but who’s counting? I’ve come to realize that my body is my wardrobe and my clothes, the theater of the absurd. Even if I don’t know the names of many shark species, I’ve nevertheless learned to enjoy a variety of hands-free fishing events. In fact, if you’re nice to the cannibal robots, you, too, can learn to love their creature comforts. Don’t worry, the poison darts should be a cinch.

Poison Darts appears in Action, Spectacle Winter, 2023

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