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Science has shown that you shouldn’t name your livestock if, one day, you intend to eat them. I bend easily to temptation, especially when I’m landlocked by the energy fields. Normally, I do all my own thinking, but sometimes I hear things in my sleep. I don’t care what the Constitution says, the guilty aren’t innocent until proven guilty. Some people think the roses are beautiful at this time of year. Regrettably, I don’t own dessert plates. Yesterday, I gave my notice at work. They wanted to make everyone a cost center, but at my salary, who can afford that? My sister tells me you can make a lot of money in the edutainment industry, but what good is it if the dead are miserable and unwilling to learn? Maybe it’s just a phase? Say, you look like you could use a break. Come on in. Be sure to close the door behind you. No. Don’t pet him. He bites.


Pets” is in the November, 2020 issue of Into the Void.

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