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I can’t be sure who’s telling you this, but the only part of a song worth listening to is the end, although I wouldn’t be caught dead there if you paid me. It’s the profit motive.  In branding, they say it’s all about the experience, but for better or for worse, it just boils down to the animals you eat.  After a near death experience, it’s vital to seem to be alive. You’re known by the company you keep. Fast forward to the ugly pretty part. Under the sky’s silent vowel, desire is the music that’s always on.  God is not dead. Unfortunately, there are no pistols allowed in church.

With her back to the confessional, mom said, Your lucky tattoos won’t keep you out of prison this time, son.

I said, Even if they aren’t snakes, let them hiss.

Appears in the Fall 2017-Winter 2018, SHANTIH.

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