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backlit, milk-fog flesh

often shorter than you’d think

fastest wi-fi available

have a career, yet can’t make a living

prefer to sleep on colorful sheets

always take the stairs

eschew the ‘lived-in’ look

favor mustaches over sideburns

avoid museums like the plague

indifferent to our belief in their existence

immune to sunburn

generally, don’t like cats


laugh uproariously at Heidegger’s comedy, Being and Time

known to photograph well for a driver’s license

reliable as gravity yet

may be disoriented to time and place

envy the holy

noisy yawners

otherwise conventional

know less about you than you think you know about them

anonymity unnecessary when acting as sperm donors

often fail the Turing test

sign written communiques, xoxoxo

love you so much, they could eat you up.


Appeared in Shantih, Fall 2017

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