Years of sleep, that’s what we are, nervous music howling at itself, enormous, as this world and the next, bedrooms filled with little Elvises gyrating in an orchard of tears. It’s S.R.O. [...]

I Am A Telephone

The dog barked all morning. The green trees breathed blue air.   I’m resting now, on the motel bed, the TV watching me.   I am a telephone. Why don’t you call?   Blood-black night [...]


Early Sunday morning, just outside Hazard, the local farmers ganged together in their John Deeres to mow down the crop circles. The ones no one ever talked about. Then, they got good and drunk, [...]


That’s the fastest escalator I’ve ever ridden. I’m not afraid of heights. As long as they’re indoors. Looked through the plus-size department, but couldn’t find anything I liked. There’s a 7 [...]

Veterans’ Benefits

Sky full of ghosts, a war in mind, I hear tactical voices. Been discharged three years, feel empty as a vacant apartment. Still got fumes in my blood. Sometimes, I hear fizzing, too, like [...]

New Neighbor

I just got this antifreeze haircut. I’m ready for winter. Speaking of snakes, maybe my fingers are a little too close to the fan? Sometimes, I laugh so hard, I wake the dogs. Yesterday, I saw [...]