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The Nature of Inebriation,” is at One Sentence Poems, February 6, 2010.  “No Rabbits, “Bone Saw,” “The Greatness of the Internet,” and “The Ponies,”  appear in The American Journal of Poetry, Jan 1, 2019.  “I’m Always Somewhere,” appears in Right Hand Pointing,  (No 129), December 2018. “The Last Laugh” appears in the print issue of Star 82 Review (6.4), Winter,  2018. “Desert Motel” is in the Fall, 2018 issue of Pithead Chapel. “A Good Night’s Sleep” is at Meow Meow Pow Pow, October 2018. The prose poems, “Safety First” appears in the 20th print issue of FIVE:2:ONE in June, 2018.”Ghost Writing Love Letters” appears in Right Hand Pointing, (No. 127) October, 2018. “Ants” appears in Unbroken, October, 2018.  “Suspicion” a very brief story, appears in the print issue (#33) of Blink Ink in September, 2018. “Law Enforcement” appears in the Summer, 2018 issue of Sleet Magazine (Vol 10. Issue1) “After the Movie” appears in Summer-Fall , 2018 issue of Subprimal. “Hot Metal”  is in the Molotov Cocktail, Vol. 9, Issue 6 August 2018.  “Debt,” “Cotton-Candy Pink,” “Hidden Beauty” and “That’s Just the Kind of Guy I Am,” appear in The American Journal of Poetry in July, 2018. “Carwash” appears in Issue 8 (Summer 2018) of Nixes Mate.Demographic,” “Nobody’s Perfect” and “TheRight Conditions“appear in the Los Angles-based journal, Cultural Weekly, in June,  2018.

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