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Just Like Old Times

Tuesday and Wednesday, I experimented on myself. Now, no more cuboid thoughts and I’m sleeping faster than ever. Thanks to the molecule splitters, I just had to replace the blood on the left side of my body, so it only took half the time. Sure, it was expensive, but you can make monthly payments. Of course, whenever anyone asks me how I am, I plead the 5th amendment, but I told Loreta it was those damned UFOs again, so at least I’ve got that covered. Now I’m receiving the signals much more clearly. They come in smooth and well-groomed. And I don’t black out any more; not like I used to. Best of all, the military junta and those explosions at the toy factory now make complete sense. In fact, if I keep my frequency low and don’t pay any attention to the internet, it’s almost like nothing happened at all.
Appears in Unbroken July 2021

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