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The Pleasure of Texas


No preposition should begin with a sentence, although as the Bible says, Is it the bartender’s job to keep you sober? In the war to end all wars, historical research has shown, soldiers fired only blanks. Now, the hollow rain falls silently, barely making a splash on the ancient cathedrals, where, over the centuries, the ringing of the bells has quietly taken its toll. Even when inside out, umbrellas remain the enemy of rain. Last night, I failed my dream test because the answers to all the color-coded questions were either black or white. Of course, everyone is guilty, but no matter how tall the tree, few want a jury hanging over their heads. Amid the innocence of their screams, the firefighters informed us that it’s never too late to set your house on fire. Facts are facts. Despite the imprecision of the state’s executions, shopping is still a pleasure in Texas.


Appears in Nixes Mate,  Issue 13, Fall, 2019

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