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I’m the kind of person who water can’t wait to drown. Occasionally, I mistake an inanimate object for
a pet, but no harm done. Thursday, I stopped by the funeral home, just briefly, to heckle. At
first, it was fun, then, like a runaway dog, the fun was gone. I have no idea what the hospitality
industry is. I want to get various projects off the ground. Discipline is everything. Since the
hunting accident last fall, I like to keep my hands in front of me—right where I can see them.
My next-door neighbor’s wrists are tiny, thin as the bones of a sparrow. She’s younger than the
other occupants. Prettiest damn thing. Most days I’m relaxed. I don’t have an enemy in the
world. You can see for yourself. Hey, what do you say we go outside and shoot a few rounds?
It’ll be just like old times, only this time, nobody’ll get hurt. Promise.


Appears in little leo,

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