Even the Trees

Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air, Randal? It’s not good to stay indoors and vanish. There was no arguing with Aunt Jane. Of course, the new apparatus had arrived and was dancing, [...]

Ken Plans a Trip to Toys R Us

  Your long beautiful legs, candy kiss smile—almost too perfect. Million dollar valentine, your ideas of perfection were far from flawless. My voicemails unanswered, I stopped by Wednesday, after [...]

What I Liked About You

Lost in sleep’s dark river, you, untranslatable, like a photograph of perfume. And that’s what I liked about you: shipwrecked heart, inescapable smile, Novocain eyes— like opium-soaked cloisonné. [...]

U.S. Military Occupation

MATERIAL HANDLER*  Loads, unloads, and moves materials, including Jesus slippers, grid squares, dynamited chicken, and left-handed monkey wrenches within or near plant, yard, or work site; A [...]