Bee Eratic

It’s not your sting I fear, nor the frenzied crush of your yellow thrashing, but your faithless hoverings— nearer to me, than I am to myself— until, like the electricity of sudden shock, you flit [...]

Some Assembly Required

Read these instructions carefully, all the way through, at least once, before starting. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Unpack and identify all the parts listed. And the [...]

La-Z-Boy at Gunpoint

  It seemed that their break-up had occurred as long ago as the Beatles’, but somehow they were still married: man and wife– still living in the same house. Janice hated Jim more than [...]

Echo Park

Of course, setting fire to birds is wrong. Even if everybody else is doing it. Anyway, you have to catch them first. A couple of times I nearly died in my sleep, but like that lady doctor said, [...]

Note to Self

I am my own equivalent. I’m named after myself. I’m someone who’s memorized a secret vocabulary to describe the future. I believe the world is alphabetical, that it’s moving unstoppably from A to [...]