Brad’s poems are predominately character-driven and surreal, yet because of their use of everyday, colloquial language, are also accessible and lucid. They compel the reader to ask not, “What does this poem mean?” but rather, “Who is this speaker/narrator?” and “What can I learn from her/his implicit struggles, aspirations, defeats, and quirky observations?” Many of his poems feature speakers who operate at the outer edge of rationality and clear thinking, but who haven’t quite stepped over that edge. Not quite.



Brad’s focus on micro/flash fiction enables him to explore the multiple dimensions of human experience in extremely brief narrative formats. Brad is the author of more that 500 flash/micro fiction stories and has been nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize and twice nominated for Best of the Net.  Titles include: “Me and Buddy at the Pink Elephant,” “Naked to the Waist,” “A Stabbing,” and “They’re Reading My Mind Again.” His one-paragraph story “Desert Motel” is in the Best Microfiction, 2019.



Brad is the author of Pink X-Ray, a full length collection of poetry and fiction, and five chapbooks of fiction and poetry. About, Pink X-Ray, the poet Howie Good observed, “Brad Rose enhances our understanding of life, death, and everything in-between through manic images that challenge conventional perception. His poetry and short fiction remind us that good literature is not only something to read, but also something to experience. Pink X-Ray provides the kind of reading experience that rattles the brain and refurbishes the heart.” His chapbooks include, Democracy of Secrets, Dancing School Nerves, and Coyotes Circle the Party Store. Away with Words, and An Evil Twin is Always in Good Company.


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