100-Word Stories

Good Grammar is What Women Want Without a Voltage Meter to Check How Hot a Fence Is, You’re Just Guessing Escape Tunnel   These and other 100-Word stories appear in The Drabble    

The Future

  The Future   Before I was fired, I nearly completed the empathy training workshop. It wasn’t so bad, especially since I came out swinging. Now, whenever you call, I pretend that I [...]

Love’s Levitation

  Although my body is an anchor, it’s beginning to float.  The darkness is a dim, fragile music. When I speak, things unhappen. If you listen, carefully, you may hear voices in my skin.  [...]

Just Released

“Demographic,” “Nobody’s Perfect” and “The Right Conditions“appear in the Los Angles-based journal, Cultural Weekly, June 2018. “Wedding Memories,” is in Right Hand [...]

Like Snakes

  I can’t be sure who’s telling you this, but the only part of a song worth listening to is the end, although I wouldn’t be caught dead there if you paid me. It’s the profit motive.  In [...]

What is Known about Ghosts

backlit, milk-fog flesh often shorter than you’d think fastest wi-fi available have a career, yet can’t make a living prefer to sleep on colorful sheets always take the stairs eschew the [...]

Spring Cleaning

    Falling in perfect pinstripes, the gentle May rain launders its own shirt.     Appears in An Evil Twin is Always in Good Company


“Like Snakes,” “What is Known about Ghosts,” and “Some Lessons of Colonialism,” appear in the Fall 2017-Winter 2018 SHANTIH. “Census of the Dead” and “Paradise Mobile Home Park, [...]

Cloud Hunting

Yesterday, we were out in the back, shooting at clouds.  Except for the shots, it was quiet as a pond.  Me and Dave firing our 22s into the air, just a few rounds.  On a day like that, you don’t [...]

The Mug Shot Photographer

Full-face and profile, rumpled and blank, they glare into the middle distance, some with new mistakes’ fresh pink scars, others with the pimples of innocence. Eyes, blue as a bruise or brown as [...]

The Next Thing You Know

Everything, its own invention, happens eventually, although sometimes not at all: the music of fog, cannibal piñata, razor blade hula hoops. Have you noticed that if you talk about time, it [...]

Swimming in Money

Counting backward in dog years, I fell asleep during my trial. I dreamed I saw the ocean for the first time. The sea’s blue voice opened the sky’s solemn jaw, while the waves’ tingling excitement [...]

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