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“The Red Boat” will appear in Hidden Peak in Summer, 2022

“Bugs” and “Devil’s Workshop” will appear in Scapegoat Review, in the fall of 2022

“Cotton-Candy Pink,” ‘Like an Accident,” “Suburban Landscape (With Flying Saucers)” “Windows,” “It All Depends,” and “Long Black Car,” will appear in Aeolian Harp Anthology, Vol 8

“Stunned” and “How I Shot My First Husband” are upcoming this summer (2022) in Yellow Mama

“Florida Hunting Buddies,” “Disappearance,” “In Over My Head,” and “Sink or Swim,” will appear in Puetro del Sol, in 2022

“Re: Company Meetings,” “It’ll be Great,”” Making Money in Today’s Market” and “Rucksack” will appear in Sequestrum, in 2022

“Sharp-dressed Dead People” is forthcoming in Bombfire

“If Everybody Does Their Part” a one-hundred word prose poem, has been accepted by Drunk Monkeys

The prose poems, “Crowbar,” “Right This Way,” “Capture,” “Trust Your Gut,” and “Half a Doppelganger.” will be published in Flash Boulevard

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