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The best things on the menu are organic, but I dislike it when my brains fall out of my ears. That really ruins my up-do. Of course, like identical triplets, everything is bound to get worse over time. Fortunately, it can’t be helped. Because of the recent mix-up with my dental surgeon, I nearly lost my favorite arm, but customarily, when the Pharaoh dies, isn’t the queen buried with him?  During the average lifetime, most humans will be stung by a wasp or a bee, so I bought the umbrella policy. It’s still best to avoid the worst-case scenario, unless of course, you’re an enfant terrible. In fact, since the advent of the new sleep regime, downtime has become so expensive, it’s advisable to avoid the circular lightning, although what goes around, comes around. Normally, I don’t eat the chicken here, but in this case, I’ll try to squeeze you in.

Appears in Quibble, Issue 6, November, 2022

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