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“Two-thirds of Americans’” and “Ah, Those French Girls” will appear in The American Journal of Poetry, in July, 2021. “Jackpot” and “What I Loved about You” will be in the April issue of Right Hand Pointing. “After the Regional Cat Snack Manager’s Meeting” will appear in Fissured Tongues  in July, 2021. “Internal Combustion” will appear in The Midwest Journal in Spring, 2021. The prose poems, “Yellow,” “Crowbar” “Right This Way,” “Capture,” “Trust Your Gut,” “Half a Doppelganger.” “Smitten,” “Applause Track,” “Love is Like That,” and “Black Box,” will appear  in Flash Boulevard in 2021.  “My People,” “Suburban Landscape (with Flying Saucer),” and “A Blast,” will appear in Sequestrum in June, 2021. Drunk Monkeys will publish “Nutritional Supplement” in 2021. “The Cruel Hunger of Flames,” “Fate,” and “The Last Laugh” have been accepted for publication for the New Rivers print anthology, Wild Gods: The Ecstatic In Contemporary Poetry and Prose.







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