Just Released

“Uncle Jay” and “Venom” appear in the latest issue (July 1, 2019 Vol 7) of The American Journal of Poetry “Lucky Bullets” is in Vol. xii, No.12 (April, 2019) of Third Wednesday. [...]

Forthcoming Titles

  Bending Genres will publish “If the Shoe Fits” and “Baked Alaska,” in August, 2019.  In September, 2019, “Tonight, I Think I’ll Drive the Mail Truck Home,” “Between [...]

Love’s Levitation

  Although my body is an anchor, it’s beginning to float.  The darkness is a dim, fragile music. When I speak, things unhappen. If you listen, carefully, you may hear voices in my skin.  [...]

Featured Poem/Story

Cotton-Candy Pink At the laundromat, I can hold my breath for half-an-hour.  I don’t know where one thought ends and another begins. Felicia has different colored wigs. One is cotton-candy [...]