Lucky Bullets

Lucky Bullets I have skills I don’t know I have. An imitation of a lab experiment, I’m wide asleep. Jade says I look like a search party, lost. I tell her I’m crawling closer and closer toward [...]

Forthcoming Titles

“Fire Prevention” will appear in Into the Void in October 2019. “Like an Accident” will be published in The American Journal of Poetry on New Year’s Day, 2020. In early 2020 “Long [...]

Just Released

In September, 2019, “Tonight, I Think I’ll Drive the Mail Truck Home,” “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” and “Got Lucky” appear at Sequestrum.  “If the [...]

Love’s Levitation

  Although my body is an anchor, it’s beginning to float.  The darkness is a dim, fragile music. When I speak, things unhappen. If you listen, carefully, you may hear voices in my skin.  [...]