The Future

  The Future   Before I was fired, I nearly completed the empathy training workshop. It wasn’t so bad, especially since I came out swinging. Now, whenever you call, I pretend that I [...]

Love’s Levitation

  Although my body is an anchor, it’s beginning to float.  The darkness is a dim, fragile music. When I speak, things unhappen. If you listen, carefully, you may hear voices in my skin.  [...]

Forthcoming Titles

The concrete poem, “Mid-Air Collision,” will appear in FIVE:2:ONE’s The Slideshow September, 2018. The prose poems, “Debt,” “Cotton-Candy Pink,” [...]

Just Released

“”Wedding Memories,” is in Right Hand Pointing, No. 122, April, 2018 .  “My Murder Client” appears in FIVE:2:ONE’s Slideshow, April 28, 2018    What We Can [...]

Like Snakes

  I can’t be sure who’s telling you this, but the only part of a song worth listening to is the end, although I wouldn’t be caught dead there if you paid me. It’s the profit motive.  In [...]