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“Safety First,” “Demographic,” and “Nobody’s Perfect” will appear in the Los Angles-based journal, Cultural Weekly, in late spring 2018.  Five prose poems will appear in Vol. 4 of the American Journal of Poetry on January 1, 2018: “Custody,” “Forgiveness,” “Dishonorable Discharge,” “That’s Just the Kind of Guy I Am,” and “Questions.”  “Safety First” and “A Good Night’s Sleep,” will appear in the 20th print issue of FIVE:2:ONE,  in June, 2018.  The prose poem, “The Trouble with Retail,” will appear in Vol. 5 of The American Journal of Poetry in later 2018.  The prose poems “Law Enforcement” and “No Way, Shape or Form” will appear in Sleet Magazine in the Fall of 2017. “Like Snakes,” “What is Known about Ghosts,” and “Some Lessons of Colonialism,” will appear in SHANTIH, in the late Fall of  2017.  “What We Can Name” and “After Dawn” will appear in Posit in early 2018.   Momentary Turbulence, a new book of poems, will be published by Cervena Barva Press.

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